Podiatry for kids aged from 12 months to 18 years

With over 20 years of podiatry experience and many of those years dealing with children, we understand the importance of healthy feet 4KIDS.  Whether it be for pain, injury prevention, physical activity and even issues with self-esteem, our primary goal is to have the foot function of every child match that of all other children.

Our Services

Comprehensive assessments and treatment programs include a static and dynamic analysis, muscle and range of motion testing, video analysis (if required) and the ability to cast or 3D scan feet.

  • Postural screenings
  • Walking and running assessments
  • Footwear analysis (sports and school shoes)
  • Orthotic therapy (child specific)
  • Splinting, bracing and casting
  • Strengthening and stretching programs
  • Activity modification
  • Individual treatment plans and goal setting
  • Schools early intervention program
    • Pre-school (Little Foot-Steps)
    • Kindergarten (Little Kids, Big Feet)
    • Dance Academy (Am I ready yet!)
    • Sports Academy (Active Kids and All Stars)

Our Technology

3D Foot Scan

3D Structure foot scanning

Advanced scanning technology to capture an image of the feet to enhance orthotic fabrication.

Video Analysis and Gait Tracking

Video analysis and gait track

Complex human movement is made to look easy as 1,2,3 with a fun way to watch kids walk and run

Plantar Pressure Analysis

Plantar pressure

Seeing the bottom of the foot in motion has never been made to look so easy with invisible lighting technology

Does your child need specialist care?

The STRETCHES rule may help. If your child experiences any of the following, Foot Focus 4KIDS can help.

Letter S

Signs and Symptoms (pain, swelling in feet and legs)

Letter T

Toe walking (pigeon toe)

Letter R

Running (can’t keep up with other kids)

Letter E

Exercise (participation, activity withdrawal)

Letter T

Timing (early intervention)

Letter C

Clumsiness (trips and falls)

Letter H

Hereditary (family history of foot problems)

Letter E

Evidence (foot deformity or flat feet)


Shoes (difficulty fitting, doesn’t like to wear)

Common Foot Conditions we treat at Foot Focus 4KIDS:

  • Flat Feet
  • Knock Knees
  • In-toe/Out-toe gait
  • Clumsiness (trips and falls)
  • Muscle fatigue or soreness
  • Knee pain (osgood schlatter’s)
  • Shin pain (shin splints)
  • Arch pain (plantar fasciitis)
  • Heel pain (sever’s disease)
  • Bunions
  • Clawing or Curly toes
  • Sports Injuries