Foot Facts

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Posted on February 3, 2016 by Foot Focus 4KIDS

Read on to discover tips and facts to help care for your kids’ feet.

Many adult foot problems originate in childhood and may lead to other problems in the body –

  • A child’s foot is composed mostly of soft and flexible cartilage which gradually converts to bone over time – only fully hardening in the child’s mid to late teens
  • During the growing stage your child’s feet are susceptible to injury, improper footwear can cause poor development in the form of flat feet
  • On average, children’s feet grow two sizes per year in the first four years of life and up to one size per year thereafter until growth is complete
  • The foot continues to grow until the age of 16 years old for females and 18 years for males

Paying attention to your child’s feet –

  • Children don’t always articulate what they’re feeling, especially when it comes to feet, other than saying it hurts. This is why it is vital, as a parent, to pay attention to your child’s feet
  • It is not uncommon for children to experience foot or leg pain. “Growing pains”, that last more than a few days, may be related to a foot or leg problem

Choice of footwear is also important –

  • Shoes are often sports-specific, so understanding a child’s activity allows for the correct shoes
  • Measure feet regularly to ensure correct fit because of growth spurts
  • It is as important to make sure that shoes are not fitted too small or too big as both can cause problems